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Doug’s Yeast Bread Recipe (Fried Bread)

Doug’s Yeast Bread Recipe (Fried Bread)

Ingredients for 30 pieces

2 cups Champion standard flour
4 tablespoons sure to rise yeast
4 tablespoons sugar
1 cup of water
3-4 litres of canola oil


Stir mix with warm water until doughy and sit bowl in warm water for 30 – 45mins for the mix to rise.

Once risen add six handfuls of flour mix with the dough, then kneed for 10mins.

Flatten dough out and cut into bite size pieces. Sit dough pieces on aluminium tray for 30-60mins to rise.

Heat 3-4 litres canola oil in MKC hotplate (not too hot) drop dough pieces in for 3mins turning half way, take out, drain and eat hot with topping of your choice eg: butter & jam, butter and golden syrup.

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